Senior Adventure Tours

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Senior Adventure Tours

Take your travels to new heights with a senior adventure tour.

Take your travels to new heights with a senior adventure tour. Seniors making up the bulk of leisure travel bookings and their requests for excitement and grandeur are being met. Hiking, sailing, nature photography and spectacular experiences await you on any of the following senior adventure travel.

7-day Alaskan Wildlife Cruise (
Experience Southeast Alaska from its robust fishing towns to the beauty of quite landscape. Get up close (not too close) to frozen glaciers and Alaskan wildlife. Depending on the time of year passengers could witness humpback whales. porpoise, black bears, unique sea birds, and even the famous Alaskan salmon.

Seniors will be guided either by foot or by kayak through Alaska’s frozen landscape with plenty of time for exploration.

There is plenty of time to enjoy whale watching while underway, and plenty of opportunity for exploring by foot and by kayak. Hike an actual glacier and see amazing sites like Stephen’s Passage and Ford’s Terror.

8-Day Northumberland Coast Castle Tour (
Hop across the pond for a senior hiking tour of Northumberland’s historic castles. Go on daily self-guided tours through sandy beaches and past ancient monasteries taking in the birdlife and beauty along the way. This trip gives you the freedom to explore different areas at your pace using handy guidebooks and maps and trail notes. At night enjoy dining in nearby towns and catch up on the local flavor of the area.

11-Day Tour of Iceland (
If Alaska wasn’t cold enough for you and Northumberland wasn’t far enough away then maybe this Icelandic adventure will meet your desires. Imagine seeing geysers erupt among miles of ice and taking steps on ancient lava deserts. The hot springs, active volcanoes, and glaciers provide excitement while whale watching and adorable puffins provide more once-in-a-lifetime experiences. During the trip you will visit Lake Myvatn, Skaftafell National Park and the capital city of Reykjavik.

13-Day Cruise along the Nile (
Warm things up with a senior adventure cruise on Egypt’s Nile River. Spend several days exploring the unique culture and incredible history of Egypt with a knowledgeable tour guide. You will begin your trip in Cairo taking in the pyramids at Giza and the famous Egyptian Museum. Then fly off to Temple of Luxor and Temples of Karnak before beginning the cruise portion of your adventure. Relax as the cruise ship winds down the Nile taking you on to more breathtaking experiences.

5-Day Lewis & Clark Expedition (
If the rest of your family doesn’t follow in your daredevil footsteps then an easy trip down the Missouri River may be the right compromise. The Lewis & Clark Expedition was created so seniors and their families could enjoy a little adventure together. Participants age 5 and up will paddle down the Missouri River in the beautiful state of Montana. Camp along the river and even see campsites were Lewis and Clark stayed over 200 years ago. Beside canoeing, families will get to hike and explore the lands surrounding the river and all the wildlife that lives there.