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Why Seniors Love iPads

These days, tablet computers are skyrocketing in popularity, particularly among the senior set. Although mini-computers and thin laptops like the Macbook Air provide excellent portability and function, something about swiping fingers on a screen has appealed seniors to become one of the largest users of the iPad. Here’s why:

Less Pressure

Unlike laptops or desktops where you have to exert a significant amount of energy typing, the iPad requires such minimal effort that long-time keyboardists have a hard time restraining the amount of force placed into each keystroke. By having the keyboard directly on the screen, it relieves pressure on the hands and wrists. This is particularly handy (no pun intended!) for those who have arthritis or other wrist and hand related ailments.

There is also no need to use a mouse, as links and apps can be accessed by simply touching it lightly with a finger. Picture albums can be viewed by swiping a finger across the screen, which is the same motion used to turn pages in a digital book or magazine.

Libraries on the Go

It’s no secret that seniors are among the biggest readers. With the iPad, you can download and save all of your magazines and books and read them on a flat surface. Unlike computer screens where you have sit in front of a desk the entire time to read an article, you can carry iPads around wherever you go and read them on a flat, page-like surface.

Adjustable Font Sizes

Computers are becoming more intuitive to the needs of individual preferences, and nowhere is that more prevalent than the iPad. With two fingers placed on the screen, you can expand images and increase font sizes to suit your eyesight. The iPad also responds by flipping the screen around whenever the device is moved in a different direction. This enables you to read and watch things in a comfortable position.

The Verdict

There are some downsides to the iPad. For one, there is no USB drive or CD slot, so uploading photos from your camera or watching DVDs is out of the question. In addition, the iPad lacks the Adobe Flash plugin to watch streaming videos online; you’ll have to download the individual apps for YouTube and Hulu to watch videos.

All in all, however, seniors have found using the iPad a more pleasant technological experience than sitting in front of a large monitor and screen all day. The intuitive and slim design of the iPad makes it easy to carry around to the store or whilst traveling, and is also easy to use. It’s the perfect accessory to have while living an active life wherever you go.