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Using Blogs to Connect Families

Popular Blog Formats That Keep People Talking

With travel easier now than at any point in history, it’s no longer unusual for seniors to have beloved friends and family members located across the country—or even around the world. But with everyone so spread out, how are seniors supposed to keep in touch with all the important people in their lives?

For many seniors, the answer is blogging. A blog, or web log, is a type of online diary where you can share news, photographs, and videos with online friends.

Far from being difficult to use, blogs are designed to be accessible to everyone – including seniors! It only takes a few minutes to set up a free blog and invite your friends. And once you get started, there are practically no limits to the kinds of things you can do.

Here are just a few favorite ways seniors use blogs to keep people talking:

Sharing Recipes: One of the best things about blogs is how simple they make sharing photographs. With just a quick upload, you can post a picture of just about anything – including every step involved in your top-secret banana bread recipe. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even post videos of particularly tricky cooking techniques for others to follow.

Many seniors have found hosting culinary blogs to be a great way to encourage grandkids and other family members to start cooking. Food blogs also help ensure that difficult recipes are recorded in their entirety, and that they won’t get lost or forgotten. Your friends and family are sure to love the tasty contribution your culinary blog makes to their lives!

Spreading the News: Instead of huge e-mail chains that get lost in the shuffle, why not use blogs to keep the family updated on everyone’s whereabouts? You can arrange blogs so that multiple people can create posts, making it easy for everyone to stay connected and share news.

By creating a family-wide blog, seniors will have a simple way to update family members on important events and fun happenings. With Grandma at the helm of a well-managed family blog, nobody will have any excuse for not knowing what time Thanksgiving is this year!

Preserving History: One of the worst things about family members living apart from each other is that communication often breaks down. That makes it all too easy for wonderful family stories to get lost, especially if nobody’s recording them.

Creative seniors have started using blogs as a way for family members to record their memories for the next generation. Some seniors post chronological updates that start in the distant past and work their way up to present day, while others record thoughts and memories freestyle.

Family members will doubtless get a smile out of revisiting the past, and everyone will appreciate you taking the time to blog important family histories!

However you choose to blog, just remember to follow basic Internet safety. Unless you want strangers checking it out or private photos showing up on search engines, keep your blog private and only invite readers you know.

But above all, remember to have fun blogging and sharing with your friends and family!