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Finding Old Friends with New Technology

Getting In Touch Just Got Easier

It used to be that when you lost track of someone, that was that. Unless you got lucky and ran into them at a student reunion, finding old friends meant scouring phone books and making lengthy inquiries. But the thanks to Internet and modern technology, all that has changed.

Now you can track down old college friends in minutes, not to mention former childhood pals, business partners, and fraternity friends!

Here are some of the easiest ways to get in touch with loved ones via the Internet:

Search Engines: If there’s ever been anything published about you online, you’ll be able to find information about yourself on the web. The same holds true for millions of Americans, including most seniors.

So it stands to reason that the best-first-step to finding someone is entering their name into a search engine. Chances are at least a few results will pop up after you press enter!

You’ll probably find links to your friend’s business or place of worship, two places that often provide e-mail addresses you can write to. If you get lucky, you may also find out that your friend is listed on a social networking site.

Social Networks: There are numerous social networking sites around the Internet, many of which are popular with seniors. There are purely informal and fun ones, like Facebook and MySpace, as well as a number of business and industry related sites.

The great thing about social networks is that they’re designed to make people accessible. If your friend has a profile on a social website, searching for their name will quickly bring it to the fore.

Once you find their profile, you’re only a click away from sending a personal message and reconnecting!

Investigative Websites: If the friend you’re looking for has an extremely common name, or has changed surnames since you last knew them, it may be worth trying out an online investigative service.

There are several websites that maintain unique databases dedicated to helping people track down old friends, many of which compile their information from valuable public records. Some of these websites are free, while others require a monthly or annual subscription.

Finding old friends can be a great way to play catch up and spend a lazy afternoon chatting. Whether you want to say ‘Hello!,’ organize a reunion, or simply find out how someone is doing, technology can help make it happen!