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Communities for Active Seniors

Active adult communities answer the call for a retirement facility that provides housing options for senior citizens on the move.

The term retirement community used to conjure up images of a sparsely decorated building filled with silver haired ladies and gentlemen in wheel chairs playing bingo. That may have been fine for your grandparents, but today’s seniors are active and have every intention of staying that way. Active adult communities answer the call for a retirement facility that provides housing options for senior citizens on the move.

Active retirement communities combine country club living with the special needs of seniors. Most active retirement homes are open to adults 55 and older although may restrict occupants to a minimum age of 62. In a typical active retirement community you will find amenities like swimming pools, golf courses, and bike trails along with medical facilities and church services. A possible list of amenities include, but are not limited to:

  • Fitness Center
  • Pool and Spa
  • Tennis Courts
  • Club House
  • Walking and Biking Trails
  • 18-hole Golf Course
  • Library
  • Media Center
  • Meeting Room or Banquet Hall
  • Shopping Facilities
  • Benefits to Seniors Living

Ease of living is what often draws seniors to the idea of moving to a retirement community. Most, if not all, active living retirement facilities require it’s community members to pay a homeowner’s association fee. This fee typically covers maintenance costs like trash removal, lawn mowing, leaf blowing, and snow removal if needed. Single-story homes is another hallmark of a retirement community. Not only are single-story homes easier to maintain than a two-story structure, there will be no issue trying to navigate a flight of stairs with aching knees or a sore back. Since downsizing is often part of a retirement plan, single-story living provides plenty of space for the average senior couple.

Friendship and fun are last, but certainly not least when it comes to why you might want to choose an active retirement community. What could be more pleasurable than spending your days surrounded by other energetic adults that share your love of life? Resort-style activities are always within reach either by walking or a quick bike ride and there are plenty of community events to bring friends and neighbors together.

It probably won’t come as a surprise to know that most active retirement communities can be found in warm weather climates like Florida and Arizona. An increase in demand for these active lifestyle communities has led to the construction of active retirement facilities around most major cities and in every climate. From snowy New Hampshire to sunny California, the active life is waiting and ready for you.