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Medicare Part B Coverage

As we increase in years, the medical services we need also increase. Medicare Part B plans cover these increasing needs, providing elderly beneficiaries with medical insurance for necessary doctor’s services, outpatient care, and most of the other typical medical services that Medicare Part A plans do not cover.

While anyone who is eligible for free Medicare hospital insurance (Medicare Part A) can partake in Medicare medical insurance (Medicare Part B); there is a monthly premium that everyone enrolled in this Medicare plan must pay. In addition, those with higher incomes will pay a higher monthly Plan B premium.

Along with medically necessary coverage, Medicare Part B coverage now includes preventative services. The array of preventative services offered by this Medicare coverage has grown dramatically in the past couple of years; supporting the direction of healthy living and illness prevention that Medicare is driving towards. Examples of preventative care ranges from Pap tests and flu shots, all the way to cardiovascular and colorectal cancer screenings. Even routine preventative tests such as Glaucoma tests and Bone mass measurements tests are covered either annually or bi- annually by this Medicare plan.

Medicare Part B is also provides Diabetics with support; giving them a place for them to have their care covered, and their questions answered. All Diabetic screenings are covered if you have obesity, high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, or high blood sugar. Diabetic supplies such as monitors, test strips, lancet devices, and therapeutic shoes are also covered in this section of Medicare.

Preventive Shots also fall into this category of healthcare coverage. Flu shots are covered one time per year during flu season, and three hepatitis B shots are covered if you are at medium or high risk.

Chiropractic services, ambulance services, and home health services are also included in this healthcare plan, but are limited. Medically necessary part-time care and health services such as skilled nursing care, physical or occupational therapy, home health aide service, speech language pathology, and medical social services are also available for those with this Medicare Coverage. It also includes certain home use medical equipment such as wheelchairs, hospital beds, walkers, oxygen equipment, and other medical supplies.

While those who are enrolled in Medicare Plan B receive a vast array of services and benefits, Plan B coverage does not cover routine physicals, most dental care, routine foot care, dentures, hearing aids, or glasses (unless the lenses are needed after cataract surgery).

The message here is simple, Medicare is no longer something to be dreaded, but is a chance for aging seniors to embrace life, and find supportive services so that they may continue their active lifestyle. The services that Medicare Part B provides enable elders to be more mobile, take risks, and live a fulfilled life every day without having to worry how they will be taken care of. Medicare coverage is no longer a means to an end; it is a new beginning!