Food Trends for Today and Beyond

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Healthy Living for Longevity

With thousands of people all over the world reaching the century mark the phrase anti-aging takes on a new meaning. While living longer is undoubtedly a goal of all of us, spending those extra years feeling healthy and happy is just as important. Medical breakthroughs may extend our longevity, but how we live those years is up to us. Below is a simple plan for healthy living that will allow you to be your best at any age.

Choosing the Right Foods

Fueling yourself with healthy foods and supplements will aid in the natural regeneration process and help rid your body of dangerous toxins. Antioxidants has become a buzz word for our modern society with food companies slapping the word on everything from juice bottles to cereal boxes. In truth, antioxidants really are that important when it comes to our longevity. They work to rid your body of free radicals that can cause severe cell damage and even lead to cancer. Vitamins C, E, A along with beta-carotene found in many fruits, vegetables, and green tea are key cancer-fighting antioxidants and should be incorporated into your daily healthy living diet.

Fiber from whole grains has been proven to protect against heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and colon cancer. Whole grains also help a person maintain a healthy weight, something that becomes increasingly difficult as we age. The recommended amount of fiber for the average adult is 25 grams per day.

You Mom may have been on to something when she forced you to take cod liver oil. Fish oil, with omega-3 fatty acids, is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties and has recently been touted as a proven mood enhancer. Research is also being done on more healthy living benefits like better brain function and lower cholesterol. Fish like salmon and sardines are naturally rich in omega-3 while vegetarians can get their omega-3 from flax seed.

It would be nice if we could get everything we need from the food we eat. Unfortunately many of the foods we get from the store, even the fruits and vegetables, have lost some of their nutrients by the time they reach our plate. That is why taking a good multi-vitamin and a calcium supplement should be part of your daily routine.

Sleep Your Way to Better Health

Getting enough sleep is as much about having a healthy mind as it is about maintaining a healthy body. The average senior adult needs between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each and every night. We all know how it feels to function on an inadequate amount of sleep. Did you also know that a lack of sleep can lead to long term issues like depression and heart problems? Sleep is when the body rejuvenates and repairs itself. To help ensure you are getting enough sleep set up a regular bedtime with a simple end -of-the-night ritual. This will signal the body that it is time to go to bed and will make falling asleep easier.

Move it or Lose it

A study out of Stanford University found that people who ran regularly could keep age-related diseases at bay for 16 years longer than their non-running friends. The study found that the runners also went on to live longer lives and had fewer heart related deaths. The American Heart Association says just 30 minutes a day of moderate activity is enough to keep your heart and lungs healthy. By adding strength training into the mix, just twice a week, you will maintain a healthier muscle mass and keep your metabolism running full speed.